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What's this all about?

My name's Amy and I'm currently in my sixth year of architectural studies and training - I graduated in July 2018 from undergraduate architecture in the north east of England.


Before studying, I knew little about what a career in architecture entailed and struggled to find accessible information about it. I had no idea what I should include in my portfolio to apply for uni and was the only architecture applicant in my school, so my teachers weren't able to help either. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and it was by pure chance that I loved it. This lack of transparency can become a barrier to people entering the industry. So, I started Almost Architect with the vision of making architectural education more accessible to people from all walks of life.


Almost Architect is honest, up to date information and advice on the course from students as they are experiencing it - advice for young people considering architecture, tips for those already studying and help getting a job at the end of all that hard work.



Whilst studying, I struggled to find info on applying for jobs; when to apply, how to compose a good portfolio and how to write a covering letter. Loads of almost architects have already gone to the trouble of figuring it out, so I thought why not share our knowledge and build on it by creating an online community?


If you have any comments, queries or suggestions regarding the site’s contents or would like to be involved in Almost Architect, send in an email. I hope for Almost Architect to become an online community where all of us almost architects will be able to help each other out.

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