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Architecture is an exceptional course with its own unique structure, culture and student experience. An architecture student’s experience of uni is remarkably different to most others. Some love it, and some hate it...

We've dished the dirt on all reasons why and why not to study this arty science.

Thinking of studying architecture?

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Pencil and notepad

CV Writing

So, you’re near or at the end of third year and you have decided that maybe this architecture thing is alright, and you’re at least intrigued enough to go to the next step of getting a job as a Part I Architectural Assistant. The idea of having a working routine that allows for evenings and weekends and finally a bit of money in your bank account is exciting. But first, you’re going to need a CV and a Portfolio, and how on earth do we do that?

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What's this all about?

Before studying, I knew little about what a career in architecture entailed and struggled to find accessible information about it. I had no idea what I should include in my portfolio to apply for uni and was the only architecture applicant in my school, so my teachers weren't able to help either. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and it was by pure chance that I loved it. This lack of transparency can become a barrier to people entering the industry. So, I started Almost Architect with...

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The basics...

Saving + exporting

Anecdotes and advice on everything that comes with studying architecture

Illustrator vs Photoshop...

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

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